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What We Do

Welcome to ROTATE Agency. We are an agency and external partner who excel within the areas of strategic communications, change management, business strategy and growth business project. We work with partners and businesses on all levels.

We help our clients sharpen and optimize specific strategies and super-charge their commercial growth potential. We help identify our clients’ competitive advantages and breakthrough impacts – and create profound and concrete plans and strategies. We help our clients frame and tell the core story of the company.

We at ROTATE are an agile, bright-minded team, passionate about helping boost and rethink parts of businesses and creating clear, sustainable solutions. We are trusted partners and advisors to our clients, so that together we can break through the toughest roadblocks. We are born and raised in global corporate businesses, and we know the importance of strong execution on the planned strategies.

Together, we tackle issues and challenges and create the right breakthroughs to achieve the awesome!

Mette & Anders

Super-charge and sharpen your operations

At ROTATE Agency we help businesses working with future-proofing the strategy, super-charging your operations – and identifying untapped growth potential and key advantages in your business or market. We help accelerate business operations and agendas – on our clients’ premises.

Our focus is on helping clients compete smartly, innovate and profit from their key advantages, operate more smoothly or faster and preferably at a lower cost, with a clear business purpose and a matching communications strategy.

We are skilled thinkers who challenge prevailing work streams, and always committed to working hands-on as part of our clients’ teams in the needed areas and periods. We strengthen our clients business models, sharpen and tackle their key corporate communications and prepare to better monetize their critical role in the future.

We work with businesses in all categories and industries and on all commercial levels. Our clients are National, Nordic and Global businesses within various industries and scales. We work on both short term and long term project and task – and around the clock when required.