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Business Strategy – Strategic Communications – Change Management – Growth Business Projects

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Welcome to ROTATE Agency

Today’s businesses need to be able to continuously consider and reshape their operations and make them sustainable, efficient and end-goal suited. To thrive and fit into today’s business environment, we need to be able to tackle and react quickly to changing agendas and market flows.

We need to stay ready to change direction and always be prepared to transform our operations to meet current and future challenges and demands. We also need to communicate and interact strategically internally and externally – and be ready to adjust the business strategy and plan overnight if needed.

Mette & Anders

What We Do

Welcome to ROTATE Agency. We are an agency and external partner who excel within the areas of strategic communications, change management, business strategy and growth business project. We work with partners and businesses on all levels.

We help our clients sharpen and optimize specific strategies and super-charge their commercial growth potential. We help identify our clients’ competitive advantages and breakthrough impacts – and create profound and concrete plans and strategies. We help our clients framing and telling their core story of the company.

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Our Capabilities

We offer a focused variety of competencies and expertise to help our clients tackle their specific commercial challenges or projects. Meaning we help identify our clients’ competitive advantages and breakthrough impacts – and create profound and concrete plans and executions.

We excel in these four areas:


We help improve and develop various aspects of business such as sales strategies, partnerships, new commercial opportunites and internal processes with the aim to make the business more efficient, effective and profitable.

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Business Projects

We help businesses increase their revenue, market shares, customer base or other organizational or commercial strandard by defining and fuelling growth project opportunities.

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We help businesses plan and complete smaller or bigger transformations and change projects.

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We help identify, develop or rethink our clients’ corporate communications – meaning framing the core story of your company or business – what’s your purpose and why it makes sense and value for both employees, customers, shareholders and other key stakeholders.

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Our Values

We work and think out of a few true and simple values that are the DNA of our approach and mindset: We are grounded, generous, committed, listening sharp minds – and we come with a positive growth mindset and a healthy amount of ease and humor to most aspects in life and the things we do and accomplish.

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